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9/20/07-- PHOTO BY ROBERT GALLAGHER for Sports Illustrated--
Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, photographed at the Cowboys training faciltiy, Irving TX

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Born in London, 1969, currently based in Santa Monica, California. As a child, fell off a six foot wall backwards....on my head. As a teenager, delivered newspapers in driving rain, snow and biting wind on dark winter mornings. Not fun. Served many pints in North East England pubs, one time got punched, kept serving. Also not much fun. 

Early in career shot Deepak Chopra, accidentally referred to him as Tupak. I don't think he even noticed. I can't pronounce my R's, which is a shame when you consider my name. Can talk backwards....possibly due to the fall. Life lessons so far: you always have to be able to laugh!

Photography became something more to me after studying the work of W. Eugene Smith and Richard Avedon's 'In The American West'. From then on, I knew I wanted to capture the essence of people in pictures. 

In December 2001, my first solo exhibition, Ground Hero - Portraits of September 11, was featured live on ABC News. My work has been exhibited in Paris, London and Los Angeles and I'm proud to say is archived in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery in London.


client list

AARP Broadcast                 The Guardian Weekend               Sony Pictures                                         
Al Jazeera America             Hamilton Watches                       Sports Illustrated
Apple                                   The Independent magazine        The Times magazine
Canon                                  Little Brown & Co.                        TIME
Corriere Della Sera            Momentum Worldwide                Tracy Locke
Der Spiegel                         Nike                                                TV Land
Empire magazine               Paramount Pictures                     USC
Forbes                                 Paul Mitchell                                  Vivendi Universal                         
Ferrari                                 Pepsi                                               Vogue
Gatorade                            People magazine                           Walmart
Garnet Hill                          Q magazine                                    Wella
Golf Digest                          Reebok                                           Wilson Sporting Goods



Winner - Communication Arts (2017)

Winner - American Photography 33 (2017)

Winner - Communication Arts (2016)

Winner - American Photography 32 (2016)

Winner - Creative Quarterly "Top 25 Photographers of 2016" (2016)

Winner - Communication Arts (2015)

Winner - The APA Awards (2014)

Winner - The APA Awards (2011)

Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards (2015, 2013, 2009, 2007) 

Honorable Mention - PX3 Prix De La Photographie Awards (2010, 2007)

Nominee- Photography Masters Cup ( 2007)

Winner - Sports Photographer of the Year (1991)

Winner - Golf Photographer of the Year (1991)




Vantage magazine 

American Photography's Pro Photo Daily

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The Northern Echo